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BYU Olympians

The Olympic games are a time when the best in the world come together to compete for the coveted gold, silver and bronze medals, and the BYU athletic tradition has been well represented within theses world-wide games. In fact, 75 Cougar athletes have gone on to participate in the Olympics in 12 different sports.

Following is a list of former Cougars who have participated in the Olympics.

Track & Field
Kenneth Andam
Anders Arrhenius
Niklas Arrhenius
Marsha Baird
Kirsten Bolm
Maggie Chan Roper
Amy Christiansen-Palmer
Paul Cummings
Megan Dirkmaat
Ed Eyestone
Stefan Fernholm
Frank Fredericks
Kenth Gardenkrans
Richard George
Oluyemi Kayode
Julie Jenkins
Tiffany Lott-Hogan
Kenneth Lundmark
Ralph Mann
Henry Marsh
Josh McAdams
Leonard Myles Mills
Doug Padilla
Laman Palma
Zdrovko Pecar
Raimo Phil
Perti Pousi
Jason Pyrah
Alma Richards
Clarence Robison
Dale Schofield
Usaia Sotutu
Soren Talhem
Saimoni Tamani
Pekka Vassela
Losie Verin
Lasse Viren
Swimming & Diving
Jung Jun (Mark) Chay
Piero Ferracuti
Lelei Fonoimoana-Moore
Oon Jhin Gee
Kristian Johanson
Tomislav Karlo
Rachelle Kunkel
David Lim
Hana Majaj
Ron Menezes
Ng Yue Meng
Hiroko Nagasaki
Diogo de Oliveira
Keith Russell
Arunas Savikas
Gary Tan
Oon Jin Teik
Ricardo Velarde
Justin Wilcock

Hidde Van Beest
Charlene Johnson-Tagaloa
Ryan Millar
Jon Stanley
John Alstrom
Troy Tanner
Rich Lambourne
Joel Silva

Kresimir Cosic
Ken James
Timo Saarelainen
Phil Tollestrup

Mark Fuller
Debbie Hill
Guard Young
Wayne Young

Mark Fuller

Jim Osborne

Speed Skating
Barbara Lockhart

Jean Saubert

Shauna Rohbock

Werner Hoeger

Mike Schlappi (basketball)


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