Athletic Department Staff Directory

Last Namesort icon First Name Position Office Phone Office Contact
Adams Brett Baseball Manager MLRP-111
Allan Jocelyn Head Cheer Coach (801) 422-8014 SFH-206A Send E-mail
Almodova David Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Marketing & Promotions (801) 422-6869 SAB-312 Send E-mail
Anae Robert Offensive Coordinator, Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Line Coach SAB-220 Send E-mail
Anderson Chris Equipment Manager- Men's Olympic Sports (801) 422-8745 SFH-1180 Send E-mail
Arrhenius Niklas Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-2263 Send E-mail
Atuaia Mark Running Backs Coach SAB-220
Aucoin Clay Financial Administrative Assistant (801) 422-2919 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Bates Yolanda Assistant Coach (801) 422-2143 RB-149
Baxter Angela Academic Advisor for Track and Field and Cross Country (801) 422-3251 SAB-376 Send E-mail
Beck Jason Quarterbacks Coach SAB-220
Becker Nick Women's Assistant Golf Coach Send E-mail
Bell Jared IMG Associate General Manager (801) 422-2028 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Bendall Melinda Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-1548 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Billings Carolyn Director of Sports Medicine (801) 422-8781 SFH-1140 Send E-mail
Bosco Robbie Varsity Club Director (801) 422-6523 SAB-330 Send E-mail
Brimley Susan Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8734 SFH-6 Send E-mail
Broberg Dave Athletic Publications Director (801) 422-4907 SFH-224F Send E-mail
Brockbank Bruce Men's Golf Head Coach (801) 422-7304 SFH-60B Send E-mail
Brooks John Head Swimming Coach (801) 422-8665 RB-151 Send E-mail
Bunn Chad Director of Video Operations (801) 422-6199 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Bunnell Helen Sports Medicine Billing Secretary (801) 377-6918 SFH-1129 Send E-mail
Burk Nate Compliance Coordinator (801) 422-2047 SAB-215 Send E-mail
Bushman Steve Equipment Manager-(MLRP,Marriot) (801) 422-5301 SAB-122A Send E-mail
Call Stuart Social Media Coordinator (801) 422-1519 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Carpenter Bryan Athletic Development/Cougar Club team (801) 422-7833 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Cattermole Brad Women's Gymnastics Head Coach (801) 422-4769 SFH-6A Send E-mail
Cattermole Dawn Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach (801) 422-4769 SFH-6C Send E-mail
Chavez Gillian Executive Assistant (801) 422-7649 SAB-322 Send E-mail
Chilton Kyle Athletic Communications (801) 422-4909 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Clark Diana Visiting Athletic Trainer (801) 422-2946 SFH-1142
Collett Norma Athletic Communications (801) 422-4908 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Davis Janalee Admin. Assistant/LDS Philanthropy (801) 422-5263 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Davis Alex Athletic Trainer (801) 422-1630 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Dayton Brendon Sports Camps Administrator (801) 422-7938 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Delahoussaye Kristin Assistant Softball Coach (801) 422-1739 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Densmore John Visiting Athletic Trainer (801) 422-1620 SAB-123
Duffin Larry Special Events Director (801) 422-6022 MC-2103 Send E-mail
Eakin Gordon Softball Head Coach (801) 422-1158 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Eberhard David Marketing Coordinator (801) 422-2880 SAB-309 Send E-mail
Empey Blain Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer (801) 422-8780 SFH-1135
Eyestone Ed Track & Field Head Coach/Men's Cross Country Head Coach (801) 422-3329 SFH-54A Send E-mail
Faucette Garrett Coordinator of Player Development (801) 422-3609 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Feinauer Jordan Video Services Coordinator (801) 422-1952 SFH-244 Send E-mail
Franson Judd Athletic Trainer (801) 422-8774 Send E-mail
Fueger Cody Director of Basketball Operations/Mens (801) 422-3609 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Golightly Tom Psychologist (801) 422-3035 1500 WSC Send E-mail
Graham Dan Athletic Trainer (801) 422-4670 SFH-1141 Send E-mail
Grossarth Kyle Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-1984 SFH-54
Gwilliam Chad Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Compliance (801) 422-1875 SAB-316 Send E-mail
Hall Mike Academic Advisor (801) 422-1574 SAB-372 Send E-mail
Hamblin Jim Academic Advisor (801) 422-2027 SAB-345 Send E-mail
Haring Brent Baseball Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (801) 422-5048 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Hart David Athletic Faculty Representative (801) 422-7243 TNRB-760A
Hawks Rachel Football and Men's Volleyball Sports Information Director (801) 422-8999 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Haymond Ann Track and Field Office Manager (801) 422-8731 SFH-54 Send E-mail
Hickman Patrick Football H.S. Relations Coordinator (801) 422-2917 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Higginson Rachel Dietician/Sports Nutrition (801) 422-8649 SAB-109 Send E-mail
Hill Mick Director of Equipment Operations (801) 422-5302 SAB-122 Send E-mail
Hinton Royce Athletic Communications (801) 422-8999 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Hoki Sorensen Carey Football Office Manager (801) 422-1141 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Holliday Guy Receivers Coach SAB-220
Holmoe Tom Director of Athletics (801) 422-7649 SAB-324 Send E-mail
Howell Nick Defensive Coordinator/Secondary (801) 422-6524 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Hurst Jeff Head Football Athletic Trainer (801) 422-2952 SAB-123G Send E-mail
Hyte David Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach (801) 422-3838 SFH-60K Send E-mail
Jensen Nancy Women's Equipment Manager (801) 422-7872 SFH-1182 Send E-mail
Johnson Lee Athletic Development/Cougar Club team (801) 422-3094 SAB-336-D Send E-mail
Jones-Spencer Lauren Women's Tennis Head Coach (801) 422-8730 SFH-6-B Send E-mail
Judkins Jeff Women's Basketball, Head Coach (801) 422-1265 SFH-60C Send E-mail
Kaufusi Steve Defensive Line Coach (801) 422-6528 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Kimball Kirt Team Orthopedic Surgeon SAB-220
Kindred Kevin Marketing Coordinator (801) 420-4710 SAB-311 Send E-mail
Knecht Kylea Legacy Hall Coordinator
LaComb Tim Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-5040 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Lake Bryce Marketing Coordinator (801) 422-8237 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Larsen Nycole Learning Specialist (801) 422-9750 SAB-352B Send E-mail
Leatham Carol Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8704 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Lewis Chad Associate AD - Development (801) 422-4858 SAB-336A Send E-mail
Linde Chris Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer (801) 422-7572 SFH-1136 Send E-mail
Littlewood Mike Baseball Head Coach (801) 422-5049 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Livsey Clark Ticket Manager MC-2132 Send E-mail
Loose Dee Assistant Coach (801) 422-2396 RB-149 Send E-mail
Manning Craig Mental Strength Coach (801) 422-4464 SAB-317 Send E-mail
Martzen Geoff Football Player Personnel & On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator SAB-220 Send E-mail
Maxfield Jodi Spirit Coordinator/Cougarettes Coach (801) 422-3271 SFH-244 Send E-mail
McAllister Tamber Swimming Assistant Coach (801) 422-2396 RB-149 Send E-mail
McClure Justin Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-1769 SAB-109 Send E-mail
McGown Chris Men's Volleyball Head Coach (801) 422-6473 SFH Send E-mail
McGown Carl Men's Volleyball Volunteer Assistant
Medina Bob Strength and Conditioning Coach (801) 422-8059 SFH-147D Send E-mail
Mendenhall Bronco Head Football Coach SAB-220 Send E-mail
Meredith Pete Assistant Softball Coach (801) 422-1157 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Mertz Shauna Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach (801) 422-2681 SFH-206A Send E-mail
Middleton Mike Executive Director Cougar Club (801) 422-6754 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Miller Todd Director of Golf (801) 422-9148 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Moody Dallan Associate AD - Finance (801) 422-2098 SAB-328 Send E-mail
Mortensen Lisa Medical Insurance Claims Processor (801) 422-7117 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Mortensen Brett Coordinator of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (801) 422-1620 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Morzelewski Josh Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-9269 SFH-147 Send E-mail
Mullen Jessica Learning Specialist (801) 422-4837 SAB-372 Send E-mail
Murphy Jake IMG Account Executive (801) 422-2364 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Nashif Terry Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-6189 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Neilson Rob Men's Volleyball Associate Head Coach (801) 422-8291 SFH-233 Send E-mail
Newbold Lynette Sports Medicine Secretary (801) 422-2946 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Nielson Dan Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-8155 SFH-60
Nix Matthew Assistant Athletic Director/Event Manager (801) 422-3304 SAB-320 Send E-mail
Nyborg Zach Assistant Athletic Director Football Operations (801) 422-8986 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Olmstead Shawn Women's Volleyball Head Coach (801) 422-2808 SFH-60A Send E-mail
Olmstead Heather Women's Volleyball Associate Head Coach (801) 422-3387 SFH-60M Send E-mail
Olsen Jenalen Administrative Assistant (801) 422-4225 SAB-313 Send E-mail
Omer Jay Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-1972 SAB-109 Send E-mail
Pearce Brad Men's Tennis Head Coach (801) 422-4675 SFH-206D Send E-mail
Perkins Stephani Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-8731 SFH-54
Perry McKay Football and Softball Sports Information Director SFH-30
Philbrick Mark University Photographer (801) 422-7322 ASB-B-251 Send E-mail
Pilling Kyler IMG (801) 422-7130 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Pincock Steve Sports Medicine Manager SAB-123 Send E-mail
Pope Mark Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-6190 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Poppinga Kelly Special Teams Coordinator/Outside Linebackers (801) 422-1843 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Powell Sondra Sports Medicine Part-time Secretary (801) 422-1549 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Powell-Rowe Analane Cougar Club Administration Assistant (801) 422-2717 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Pratt Trent Baseball Assistant Coach (801) 422-5064 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Pratte Mitchell Head Team Physician RB-151
Pyne Brett Athletic Communications (801) 422-4912 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Ramos Robert Assistant Athletic Trainer (801) 422-5142 SFH-1141 Send E-mail
Rasmussen Janie Penfield Associate Athletics Director / SWA (801) 422-7306 SAB-314 Send E-mail
Rasmussen David Athletic Compliance Coordinator (801) 422-6962 SAB-317 Send E-mail
Reeves Aubrey Men's Basketball Office Manager (801) 422-3612 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Rich Brent Team Physician MC-2112
Richardson Matthew O. Advancement Vice President
Roberts Carrie Head Women's Golf Coach (801) 422-9787 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Robison Mark Track & Field Associate Head Coach (801) 422-3830 SFH-54B Send E-mail
Rockwood Jennifer Women's Soccer Head Coach (801) 422-8732 SFH-206F Send E-mail
Rose Aleisha Assistant Soccer Coach (801) 422-8735 SFH-206B Send E-mail
Rose Dave Men's Basketball Head Coach (801) 422-3612 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Russell Keith Head Diving Coach (801) 422-4874 RB-141 Send E-mail
Sam LaJusta Financial Secretary (801) 422-1977 SAB-331 Send E-mail
Santiago Brian Senior Associate Athletics Director (801) 422-9059 SAB-318 Send E-mail
Seaver Errol Football Video and Technology Coordinator (801) 422-2922 SAB-213 Send E-mail
Shane Patrick Women's Cross Country Head Coach/Assistant Track & Field Coach (801) 422-7922 SFH-54C Send E-mail
Skabelund Shari Swimming Assistant Coach (801) 422-8302 RB-149 Send E-mail
Smith Jennie Soccer Administrative Assistant (801) 422-8733 SFH-206B Send E-mail
Smith Chelsea Clinical Trainer (801) 422-2946 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Sopel Myriam Assistant Coach
Sowards Lori Athletic Team Travel and Tours (801) 422-8026 SAB-308 Send E-mail
Spurrier Lizzy Clinical Trainer (801) 422-2946 SAB-1130 Send E-mail
Stadnik Gruenewald Alexandra Strength and Conditioning Coach (801) 422-2311 SFH-147 Send E-mail
Stauffer Casey IMG General Manager (801) 422-9302 SFH-250 Send E-mail
Steed Haley Director of Women's Basketball Ops. (801) 422-2074 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Steele Tyler Web Master (801) 422-5804 SFH Send E-mail
Stewart Ray Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-7682 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Stoddard Buddy CHAMPS/Life Skills Coordinator (801) 422-4282 SAB-382 Send E-mail
Stroud Vince Sports Camp Administrator (801) 422-5726 SAB-310 Send E-mail
Swenson Ashlee Athletics Finance/Financial Aid Specialist (801) 422-2097 SAB-331 Send E-mail
Tavanā Gaugau V. Assistant to Director of Student-Sthlete Academic Center (801) 422-1635 SAB-384 Send E-mail
Tew Erin Design Assistant (801) 422-1977 SFH-224 Send E-mail
the Cougar Cosmo Mascot (801) 422-7613 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Thomas Fayrine Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8035 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Thomas Sandy Academic Advisor (801) 422-4841 SAB-370 Send E-mail
Thomas Jeremy Pitching Coach (801) 422-5048 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Tidwell Paul Inside Linebackers Coach (801) 422-5070 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Tittle Duff Associate AD - Communications (801) 422-4910 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Tujague Garett Offensive Line Coach SAB-220
Vakapuna Fui Assistant to the Athletic Director for Student Services (801) 422-1745 SAB-315 Send E-mail
Vehar Greg Cougar Club, Assistant Director (801) 422-1782 SFH-336 Send E-mail
Vinci Giuseppe Men's and Women's Volleyball Statistical Analyst (801) 422-9796 SFH-229 Send E-mail
Waite Ryan Director of Operations (801) 422-1295 SFH-54A Send E-mail
Wakefield Bob and Cindy Service Representative (801) 422-4575 SAB-384 Send E-mail
Walters Susan Athletic Team Travel (801) 422-8027 SAB-308 Send E-mail
Watkins Chris Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach (801) 422-8733 SFH-206F Send E-mail
Wheeler Jenny Athletic Communications Office Manager (801) 422-8948 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Wilkey Jaren University Photographer (801) 422-7322 ASB-B-251 Send E-mail
Wilson Trevor Director of Student Athlete Academic Center (801) 422-5305 SAB-378 Send E-mail
Wilton Mike Men's Volleyball Assistant Coach SFH-244
Wood Kate IMG Partner Services Coordinator (801) 422-7133 SFH-248 Send E-mail
Wrubell Greg IMG Broadcaster (801) 422-7982 RB-269 Send E-mail
Zobell Ralph Athletic Communications (801) 422-9769 SFH-30 Send E-mail


BYU Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by age, gender, and space in the camp.

Registration for our 2015 Fathers and Sons Camp will begin on Wednesday, January 21st 2015 at 8 AM MST. Registration for all other 2015 Summer Sports Camps will begin on Friday, January 23rd 2015 at 8 AM MST.